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Keg Growlers

Keg Growlers - These are mini kegs that we handle in various sizes. Great for multi-friend get togethers and parties if you don't want the hassle of a full sized keg. Works the same, we'll charge with CO2 when it's filled, then you use either CO2 or party tap pump to use. Many different sizes and packages available. Need the details?  Navigate to -  More Info



DrinkTanks 128oz Juggernaut - These high quality Bend Oregon made units hold a gallon of your favorite brew. An honest gallon, laser printed Big Dog logo compatible with the popular Keg Cap. Coming in 2016 for the Juggernaut will be a regulated Keg Cap that can be combined with Argon, Nitro or CO2 which makes it perfect for any beverage, wine, a nitro beer or regular tap. Drink On!

Colors:  Black / Stainless  - limited to inventory on hand, other color options may be available so call

Price Depends on color but normally $109 / includes one free fill



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DrinkTanks 64oz - These high quality Bend Oregon made units are the bomb! Dual Wall stainless, powder coated with laser printed Big Dog logo. Capable of
keeping your drinks hot or cold for hours. Compatible with DrinkTanks Keg Cap for that unique pour that will have your friends wanting them too.

Colors: White / Yellow / Teal / Black / Stainless / Olive Green - limited to inventory on hand

Price $69 / includes one free fill

Optional: Keg Cap with 2 CO2 cartridges $45

Check out our new Christmas Colors:  XmasDrinkTanks


Hydro Flask 40oz - Also made right here in Bend Oregon, high quality dual wall stainless with their own patented temperature insulation technology that guarantees your beverage to stay cold for hours . The same high quality that has made Hydro Flask popular at stores like REI. hydroflask40

Colors: Red / Powder Blue / Gunmetal Black / with the Big Dog logo

Price $37 / Includes one free fill


Fifty-Fifty 64s - We have on hand a limited supply of Fifty Fifties in both 64oz and 40oz. These are high quality dual wall containers that do a wonderful job in keeping your drinks at the right temperature.

Colors: Call

Price $50 / with fill

Gopher Keg 64oz - Single Wall Stainless Steel, good for the fridge and good for conversation. These mini kegs are cool

Colors: Stainless - limited availability

Price $35 / with fill

Glass Growlers 64oz - Glass with a logo

Colors: Amber

Price $7 / no fill



Hydro Flask True Pints - Stainless Dual wall temperature insulated pints that have personally become our favorites. They may not be cheap but they are worth every penny. No matter ice water or your favorite adult beverage, it will remain cold or hot in this container.

Now available with optional rubberized Lidhydroflaskpint1

Colors: Powder Blue / Gunmetal Black / Stainless / Orange / with Big Dog logo

Price $24.95




Glass Pints - Glass Pints with the Big Dog LogoBDHeader1

Colors:  White / Black

Price $4.00





T's & Sweatshirts - We carry Big Dog apparel T's, Sweatshirts in various sizes and colors. Come in for a pint or call to see what's in

Colors: Various

Price - Depends on the item

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