Mug Club

Introducing the Big Dog Mug Club !


Big Dog is now offering our regular patrons the opportunity to join the pack. 

In June we rolled out our new Mug Club and the response so far has been amazing. We put together a package that we think offers good value to our patrons all year long. For starters, getting a 20oz beverage for the price of a 16oz. That's an extra 4oz in each pour.So for every 4 of these big dog's it's like an extra pint for free!  All this served in a beautiful 20oz stainless insulated Drink Tank container, just to keep that special drink that perfect temperature.  We also throw in the opportunity to join us each quarter for a social gathering featuring various foods that's sure to be a hit.

For the annual club fee our package includes: 

  • 20oz pour every time for the same price as our 16oz pint
  • All pours are in our Stainless dual wall insulated 20oz, Only mug club members are offered pours in this unique drinkware, similar to a HyrdoPint but much larger
  • Four times through the year (Once Each Quarter), Big Dog will host a mug club social gathering with special foods offered
  • You get your very own Drink Tank 20oz that includes a lid to take home with you as a gift, our way of saying thank you for joining the pack. Several color choices offered, and no need to bring it with you each time you visit, we will serve you in our Stainless 20oz.
    • Yearly Mug Club Fee: $75