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At Big Dog, we understand that sometimes you have to think outside the box to provide that exceptional product, or to showcase a new beverage. CC thought outside the box when she created the shipping container "can" where all our good stuff is stored, turning an ordinary 20 foot shipping container into an insulated refrigerated system with shelves, Tap's and hoist for lifting Kegs. This system provides for a short chilled regulated tap line that provides a better quality pour with the least disturbance to our product. The end result is a product that is consistently fresh, just as the brewer intended.  We also carry products from DrinkTank and HydroFlask to ensure that quality get's to your home.  In Mid July we introduced UnTappd to take Big Dog to the next level. UnTappd powers our new digital menu, website Menu, Social Media and provides a unique check in feature for users with the Mobile App.  Thinking outside the box once again, Big Dog will introduce "AirField Estates" as a new premium wine. We've always had wine by the glass but we are excited to try something new, giving our patrons the chance to sample one of our favorite vineyards. We hope you will enjoy these changes as much as we're enjoying bringing them to you. One glass at a time, one pint at a time. The road less traveled. A bright new day

AirField EstatesAirfieldEstates1

We are excited to bring two offerings from Airfield.  Bombshell Red and Sauvignon Blanc White.  These will be offered by the glass as premium wines. We will still serve our house wines by Acrobat and 14 Hand's but we really thought our wine pups deserved to try something that's rather hard to get in Bend.

AirField Estates is located in Prosser Washington with grapes from the Yakima Valley, Rattlesnake AVA's. These grapes are grown at 46° N (similar to Bordeaux Region of France, which is 45° N) . These two wines are only a small sampling of what Airfield estates has to offer.




Big Dog's "big dog" CC has chosen UnTappd to power us into the future and with this new system comes many fun options. For us, we are excited to bring you a new digital Menu that's easy to read instead of always searching for who has the paper menu, this digital menu is fired up on our new 60" and circulates through the menu once each minute. This also integrates into the Big Dog Website giving you an up-to-date "basically live" Tap List of what's on. More information is provided on this tap list such as beer ratings and IBU's which we didn't have before. For you our patron's, UnTappd offers a mobile app that allows you to do fun check in's with the option to comment on what your drinking. It's not only for Big Dog but all the locations that use UnTappd are listed. So when you travel, you're a quick click away from finding that favorite Beer. UnTappd provides a unique social interaction to share with others what beverage you're enjoying. You can find a link to UnTappd right here!

 Check back to this page periodically.  You never know what new cool stuff we're coming up with and this is the page where you'll find it.