How Much CBD Should I Really Be Giving My Dog?

Scientists are starting to pay more attention to CBD due to its potential therapeutic benefits, and they’re not stopping with humans. They’ve discovered that CBD may be helpful for dogs with epilepsy, and if reports from humans are accurate, it may also have benefits related to anxiety and inflammation.

While this is promising, it’s not as easy to determine how much CBD you should give to your dog. The benefits of CBD won’t help your dog if you give them too much or not enough.

We’re here to talk all about CBD dosage so you can make the right choice for your canine companion. Read on to learn more.

Talk to Your Vet First

This is tricky, many vets don’t approve of using CBD or CBDa for pets, but as it gets normalized they recognize that their clients are going to use it whether they recommend it or not.

Vets aren’t CBD experts, but they can give you guidance on whether or not CBD is a good option at all. They can also help you determine how much CBD is going to be safe and effective for your pet.

Have your vet weigh your pet for you before you start administering CBD. Weight is going to be your main determining factor.

How Much CBD per Pound?

A basic guideline for CBD dosage for dogs is 2 mg per 10 lbs.┬áThis means that toy breeds may only need 1mg. 2 mg isn’t the minimum.

For example, a small dog like a toy poodle will only need 1mg of CBD. A large dog like a Great Dane could need up to 30mg!

Remember that it’s better to not give enough CBD than to give your dog too much. While there aren’t many side effects of administering too much CBD, we don’t know much about the impact of CBD on dogs, so it’s best to tread with caution so you can protect your furry friend.

Observe Carefully Before Changing Dosage

Watch your dog closely after administering CBD. Remember that it takes up to 45 minutes to start taking effect, so don’t administer more right away if you don’t see results.

CBD oils and tinctures work faster than CBD treats, so choose your CBD products wisely.

If you don’t see any results, it’s okay to administer more CBD next time. Resist the urge to give the dog more after you’ve already given them CBD. CBD should stay in their system for anywhere between 4 and 8 hours.

Are There Side-Effects of CBD for Dogs?

So how do you know if you’ve given your dog too much CBD? Are there side effects that you should look out for?

Overall, you may not notice a change in your dog right away. CBD may decrease pain and inflammation, so your dog may be a bit more active. On the other hand, if you’ve given your dog too much CBD, it may be too drowsy to play.

Too much CBD may cause dry mouth. You may notice that your dog is drinking more water than normal.

Both of these side effects are also common in humans and they aren’t anything to worry about. If they’re mild, it’s not a sign that you’ve administered too much. If they’re severe, use a smaller dose next time.

Is CBD Right for Your Dog?

CBD is popular for pets, but it’s unclear as to whether or not it’s actually effective. If you choose to use CBD for your dog, start slow. When it comes to how much CBD your dog needs, it will vary depending on their weight and how they react to each dose.

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