Should You Buy CBD Flower or Distillate? Which Is Better?

Millions of Americans use CBD on a regular. In the few short years since its federal legalization, CBD has become a household product.

And it’s no longer just CBD oil that people are using. There are countless types of CBD products on the market. Different products will provide different benefits and cater to specific needs.

They are also consumed in different ways depending on your preferences. Yes, you can actually smoke or vape CBD.

Are you wondering if you should buy CBD flower as your next product to try? It’s a great option, but don’t forget to consider CBD distillate. Both are unique and can help in many different ways.

Keep reading below to learn about the benefits of each of these CBD products.

What Is CBD Flower?

CBD flowers are the same as marijuana flowers, otherwise known as buds. The difference is that commercially produced CBD comes from hemp plants, which don’t contain THC. Marijuana buds come from normal cannabis plants that do contain THC, the chemical responsible for getting you high.

With CBD flowers, you can do the same thing you would with weed; smoke it. You get the feeling of calm and relaxation without the psychoactive high associated with weed.

If you like the feeling and process of smoking, then buying CBD flowers is a good option.

The best CBD flowers will also provide you with CBD kief. Kief is the powdery substance that falls off the flowers during the grinding process.

If you handle your own flowers, then gathering up and using your kief is worth it, since you can smoke or vape it. While you can buy kief on its own, it usually isn’t worth it, since you can just buy full CBD products rather than a byproduct.

What Is CBD Distillate?

CBD distillate is what you get when you extract CBD from hemp plants, then distill it. The result is a thick, viscous oil with an extremely high CBD concentration.

It usually contains other cannabinoids that are also found in hemp plants.

Distillation is the process of purifying an extract by evaporating it, then condensing it, yielding a highly-refined final product. As a result, CBD distillate is very potent.

You can use CBD distillate by adding it to a dab rig. You can make edibles or add them to your favorite recipes since their potency stands up well to this. Or you can add it to a vape cartridge.

Should You Buy CBD Flower or Distillate?

CBD flowers and distillates are two very different products. Distillates are highly processed, yet yield a potent product to be used in a variety of different ways.

CBD flowers aren’t very processed and allow you to smoke them just like you would cannabis. You just don’t get the high feeling when you do.

Both are great products, but it depends on your consumption preference.

Live Better With CBD

Whether you buy CBD flower or distillate, you can rest assured knowing that you have an all-natural product that will help you relax, feel better and enjoy your day to the fullest.

So why not give both a try and see which one you prefer?

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