Did you know that not all online bookies are created equal these days? Here's the brief guide that makes choosing the best online sportsbook simple.

The Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Online Sportsbook Simple

Since the Supreme Court made sports betting legal in 2018, Americans bet more than $65 billion. Online betting is going to grow by 40% a year this decade.

It’s a convenient way to bet on sports while enjoying the convenience of watching sports at home. If you want to get into online sports betting, you need to find the best online bookie.

What’s the best online sportsbook? The answer is a subjective one. Finding the best sportsbook comes down to matching your betting wants and needs with a reputable sportsbook.

Whether you want to bet on cricket or a 12-game football parlay, you want a sports betting site that handles those types of bets.

This guide makes it easy to find the best sports betting site. Read on to learn what to look for in online sportsbooks.

1. Trustworthiness

It seems like most online sports betting sites are the same. There are a lot of minor differences that you need to look at to determine the trustworthiness of a site.

You’ll be able to bet safely, knowing that your data and your dollars are secure.

How do you determine a site’s trustworthiness? Check reviews of betting sites. You’ll get an honest look at the good and bad of betting sites.

Make sure that they’re legally registered to operate in your state. The state’s gaming authority holds betting sites accountable, and it’s a place to go if you have trouble with a betting site.

2. Customer Service

Online betting sites are separated by the level of customer service they provide their customers. They should have round-the-clock availability because you can place bets at any time.

There should be multiple ways to contact customer service. Live chat, contact forms, and social media are easy ways to reach out to customer service.

Test customer service at several sites by sending messages. See how quickly they respond and if they answer your questions or give you a canned response.

You’ll get an idea of the quality of service. That sets up the expectation of the service you’ll get as a customer.

3. Bonuses

How does the gambling industry attract new bettors? They offer incredible sign-up promotions. They know that once a person signs up, that sign up is worth thousands of dollars.

DraftKings reported that its average lifetime value of a customer is $2,500. It only costs $371 to acquire a customer.

It’s worth it to them to offer a generous sign-up bonus. Take a look at the sign-up bonuses and compare them. Some sites offer matching bonuses.

There are additional VIP programs and giveaways. Make sure these are realistic and attainable. Some offers have terms that end up costing way more than the giveaway items.

4. Types of Betting Offered

Do you know what your betting style is? What sports do you want to bet on? This is important to figure out so you can place bets on the sports that you love. If it’s horse racing, make sure the sports betting site lets you bet on your favorite track.

Do you like money line bets on soccer, or do you like a Pick-6 at Belmont Park?

Write down notes on what sports you want to bet on. You might like simple bets now, but you might grow into exotic bets and futures bets.

Another fun bet is live betting. Bets will appear in the middle of a game to make it a lot more interesting.

5. Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

This is an important consideration when you’re looking for the best online sportsbook sites. Know what kind of methods you want to use to make deposits.

You might be more comfortable using PayPal than another method to deposit funds. You definitely don’t want to use a site that only asks for your banking information.

Be sure to look out for additional fees to use your preferred method.

6. Payout Speed

If you win a lot of money, you want to get paid as quickly as possible. There are sites that expect you to wait five business days to receive your money.

Other sites let you access your funds in the next day or two. Check the terms and conditions of the site to find out what the payout policies are.

7. Odds Offered

Sports betting sites don’t offer the same odd on events. They have their own methods for calculating odds. There are minor differences between sites, but those differences add up over time.

It comes back to your betting style. If you prefer value bets or you always like to bet on the underdog, look for sites that give you a little bit more incentive to make those bets.

8. User Experience

Online betting is all about ease of use and convenience. You shouldn’t need a manual to figure out a sports betting app or website.

Try out a couple of sites and read reviews to get a clear sense of the user experience. Online betting should be easy, not frustrating.

9. It Pays to Shop Around

The best betting site might not serve your needs all of the time. You might find another site that offers better odds or has a great sign-up bonus.

It’s perfectly fine to have a couple of betting accounts. That gives you more bonus money to play with and greater flexibility to enjoy sports betting.

Sign Up to the Best Online Sportsbook

What’s the best online sportsbook? It’s the one that best fits your betting needs, with a fantastic reputation and outstanding customer service.

The one that matches your betting style with the most generous bonuses and promotions is among the best online betting sites.

Be sure you weigh your options carefully and try out a few different sites. You’ll be able to compare odds and make sure you maximize your betting budget.

Now that you have an online sportsbook, you’ll need a plan to manage your winnings. Check out the Personal Finances section for money management tips.


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