Established in 2014

Big Dog Growlers, a division of Oregon Growlers LLC  Serving Bend with craft beer from the Northwest and beyond

Big Dog opened April 18th, 2014 but certainly the process started much earlier. I had a vision of a unique place with the best craft beer possible while supporting our local breweries which as of today we’ve carried beers from many boutique breweries nationwide. I still believe that some of the best beers anywhere are created right here in the Northwest and because Bend has some of the cleanest water, Bend has exploded with craft breweries. 

From the onset one of the main requirements was to have a good location where the local crowd could gather without drama to just simply enjoy a pint. I’ve been told it’s a lot like Cheer’s which is certainly ok by me. I’m a dog person and how cool is it we’ve made Big Dog “dog friendly”, as long as your pup plays well with others. Our Keg room is another unique item having been created from a twenty foot  shipping container converted into an insulated refrigerated system with shelves, Tap’s and hoist for lifting Kegs. This system provides for a short chilled regulated tap line that provides a better quality pour with the least disturbance to our product. The end result is a product that is consistently fresh, just as the brewer intended.  I Mean, why not! This was almost a deal breaker in the beginning, costing ten times the purchase cost of the container just to configure it for pouring but this has worked out to be one of the most amazing features of the business. 

Think working for someone else every day is a great motivator to follow your dreams. My dream was to open a small growler station, making new friends and just following my own dreams for once. Obviously things grew much larger that I ever imagined, and was a whole lot harder than I thought too. The best thing about this journey has been the new friends I’ve made along the way, the kind of friendships that last a lifetime. Speaking of friends, I’ve had many four legged friends over the years and a common question I get is how did I come up with the business name, that idea for a name came from Kona, my female black Sheppard.  Life, always the adventure,  has our newest family member, Sage “Chris’s Labrador”, is full of energy keeping all of us energized and excited about what’s next. 

In 2019  Jenn York came on board to do more of the daily running of the business which was a blessing considering the years of seven days a week of open til close.  Now looking forward, I see a bright future for Big Dog with all the new positive changes we’re making plus all the loyal customers I call friends.  I’m certainly ready to take a little more time at enjoying life and the friendships all of you have given.  Dream? Yeah, I say dream big and never give up.

We look forward to your visit

Carolyn Cobb Rankin


A low key, no stress place to relax and have a fresh pint of craft beer, visit friends and make new ones


Always looking for the best ways to provide quality craft beer to our customers while supporting our local Northwest brewers


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