Hello, world, and welcome to Big Dog Growers, my personal blog on my favorite topics in life: money, real estate, and being a dog dad. My name is Alfred and I have the proud dog father of Sam and George, the two smartest and kindest German shepherds there ever was, and yes I am completely biased in their favor, as all dog parents should be.

When I’m not adventuring with the kids or cuddling them on the couch, I moonlight as an Investment Banker (because being a parent comes first). I help manage the portfolios of businesses and the occasional government agency that invests in a variety of different companies. I also specialize in real estate portfolios and take a personal interest in sustainable land development. Part of my job includes raising the needed investment capital so that means I get to choose where the money comes from and how best to use it.

I take pride in having the power to use my love for the environment in such a meaningful way. This blog is my place to process and share all the insight I’ve gained in hopes that it can help you as well. Thanks for stopping by and remember to give your furry friends some extra love today.