Big Dog Growlers 

A Family and Dog friendly establishment.

Come have a pint with us or get your growler filled! While the under 21 two legged family members can't be at the bar, they are most welcome at our tables. We have on tap a Root Beer from Rogue Brewing plus Kombucha teas

The four legged family members can relax sipping water or have them try some Dog Grog, a healthy treat.

What's New

updated 11/27

  • Victory at Sea - It's back on tap here at Big Dog, while it lasts. Dark and full of intense notes
  • Big Dog has Cold Brewed Coffee on Nitro - This is a non-Alchoholic beverage that will wire your day and is exceptional on Nitro
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  • Drink Wear - on the BD products page
    • Keg Growlers, stylish mini kegs when a full keg is just too much
    • DrinkTanks 64s.  Plus the new Juggernauts are now in stock, 128oz of craft beer perfection!
    • True Pints by Hydro Flask
  • Big Dog Apparel now in stock.
    • Come check out the T's,  Hooded Sweats and Beanies
  • Please give us feedback. We'd love to hear what you'd like to see on tap. -  Contact page 
  • Welcome to the New Big Dog Website. Interested in beer, check out all the cool content on the about beer page

Check out the Big Dog Products page for apparel, growlers, pint glassware.  We feature products from Drinktanks, Hydroflask, Keg Growlers

Need More Info

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  • Yes, we do sell glass and stainless growlers. Some of these items can be found on the Big Dog Products page
Call us at: 541 948 7413