Choosing the Right Controller: A Gamer’s Must-Have Checklist

Even though a mouse and keyboard are still the preferred setup for PC gaming, a suitable controller can be a great addition. The best ones offer significantly more functionality than their console counterparts. While the modern Xbox layout is tried and true, more severe gamers appreciate programmable buttons and hardware customizations. 


Controllers are much more comfortable to hold than a mouse and keyboard when playing video games for extended periods. They also allow players to play games that would otherwise only be available on consoles or require specialized input devices.

When selecting a computer gaming controller, it’s essential to consider the build quality and comfort of the controls. Many gamers experience hand fatigue when gaming, so having a comfortable grip is crucial.

Many controllers feature a non-slip material that provides a secure grip, even when the player’s hands are sweaty. They can also be adjusted to fit different hand sizes. Whether you’re looking for a controller perfect for a specific game or want to upgrade your old one, you’ll find a wide selection of options on the market.

Some of the most popular controllers include features like sound effects, looping, and tempo control. These functions are essential for DJs who use their controllers to back up their sets and to make quick changes between songs. They can also be used to create custom remixes of popular tracks.

Game Type

The type of game you play is an essential factor when choosing a controller. If you play a lot of shooters, for example, it’s best to look for a controller that offers good precision with its twin thumbsticks and has a comfortable, ergonomic design that suits your hands.

There are several ways to categorize video games, and one of the most common is to divide them into genres. These genres include action, adventure, fighting, puzzle, role-playing, simulation, sports, and strategy.

Racing: This genre involves racing a car, animal, or monster/creature on land, water, air, or space against an opponent or the clock. It can be a hardcore simulation like the Forza series or a simple arcade game like Pole Position.

Simulation: This category encompasses all games that simulate real-world or hypothetical events/experiences and require the player to consider various factors. Some examples of this type of game include Gran Turismo, Star Citizen, Assetto Corsa, and Elite Dangerous. It is an essential subgenre because it requires a high degree of skill and attention from the player to succeed.


While keyboards and mice may be the standard choice for PC gaming, controllers have grown in popularity. These gadgets allow players to sit back and relax on their sofa with a big-screen TV and Wi-Fi while enjoying the whole PC experience.

A suitable controller may make all the difference whether you want the most incredible graphics, the smoothest frame rates, or a more comfortable game. Look for a device with a 2.4GHz wireless connection that works with your laptop or desktop and is also supported by the best gaming headsets.

It’s worth noting that some controller requires a separate app to configure and control the RGB lights. In addition, others use a proprietary USB dongle instead of the standard micro USB cable, which may be a turnoff for some gamers. There are affordable options that ditch Bluetooth to hit an under-price point and offer a solid gamepad with all the inputs you need, plus two small buttons on its underside for shortcuts.


The comfort of the controller is a must, especially for hardcore gamers who spend hours in front of their computer playing their favorite games. The design of the controller should fit your hand size and ensure that you won’t experience any fatigue in your fingers or wrist.

Choose a controller with a non-slip surface that will stay in place when your hands are sweaty. It will ensure that you maintain control over your movements and guarantee the highest level of precision. The latest version of Microsoft’s high-end controller offers the most comfortable experience for PC gaming thanks to a combination of intelligent refinements and a thoughtfully padded feel.

Some cheaper alternatives still offer excellent ergonomics. Some offer fewer features or customization options. If you want to spend more, choose the most comfortable controller with its swappable parts, clicky face buttons, and programmable hair triggers.


If you want to use a controller to play games on a PC, it’s worth checking that it works well with your system. Some popular console-to-PC titles have native support for controllers, but this is less common for indie or older games.

If the controller is from a console, you should ensure it has Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless support. Some tools are easy to use and allow you to configure your controller’s settings, but they may only be compatible with some games.

Alternatively, you could use a software emulator to enable controllers to work with games that don’t have built-in support. You’ll need to experiment with different configurations, but the result can be a more comfortable and responsive gameplay experience.


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