A Look at the State of California Housing

With its sunny beaches and famous attractions, it’s no surprise that California is one of the most popular states in the nation. But California’s housing crises seem to grow by the day. 

According to the most recent U.S. Census data, there are approximately 3.2 times more people than there are housing units in the state. 

So, what is happening with California housing, and what can be done? Read on to learn more.

Homelessness on the Rise

The homeless and unhoused are an issue in virtually every state. But California seems to lead the way in terms of sheer numbers.

Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco continue to see an increase in the homeless population. Without the right programs in place, the problem will likely continue.

When homeless people crowd the streets, it makes those who are looking for a home move to greener pastures. Until the state can get this issue corrected, the problem will likely only continue.

California Housing: High Prices

Many Californians will tell you that the real issue with California housing is the high prices. Even statewide, rent averages are going up, reaching around $1,400 to $1,600 per month or more. It’s $3,000 in San Francisco.

With the boom of the tech industry and Silicon Valley, California homes and their costs have been skyrocketing. Couple that with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and many Californians simply can’t afford to buy a home. 

Houses in California cost much more than the national average. If you want to buy a house in this state, you’ll need to save quite a lot of money and have a high income to survive. The lack of affordable housing is one of the state’s most pressing issues.

New Laws

California recently passed some new laws regarding housing. One recent law, AB-721, allows for the building of more housing for those in lower-income households.

This law also removes a lot of zoning restrictions that may have gotten in the way of building affordable housing in the past. It paves the way for more dense housing, like apartment buildings and condos.

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The ability for developers and homeowners to have more control opens the door for more housing. While it won’t fix the problem completely, it does give some new hope to California residents.

Make Your Move

Now that you know more about the state of California housing, it’s up to you to decide if it’s the right state for you. Thanks to some new laws, there are opportunities for people from all walks of life to find housing they can afford.

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