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Enhancing Patient Experience With a Dynamic Waiting Room TV Display

No one likes waiting, and it’s even more difficult when you’re sick. Humanizing your staff and sharing their accomplishments on a hospital waiting room TV can put visitors at ease.

In addition to helpful information, digital displays can promote the cafeteria, gift shop, and affiliated clinics. Displaying positive media (such as nature videos and kindness media) can further reduce stress and anxiety.

Customizable Content

When it comes to medical waiting room TV display, there are endless possibilities for informative and engaging content. Instead of a static TV showing the news, patients can track their loved one’s status updates on a dynamic display in their waiting area or learn more about their upcoming appointments by watching patient education videos on the same screen.

A hospital’s lobby displays can also tell the organization’s story to inspire confidence in the facility. Showcase doctor profiles, services, facilities, recent awards and achievements, or even patient testimonials to give visitors a personal connection with the hospital staff.

Medical waiting room digital signage can also help alleviate patients’ anxiety by displaying real-time appointment schedules. In this way, patients can see who is ahead of them in the queue, reducing their uncertainty about whether they have been forgotten.

In addition to providing important information, hospital digital signs can also save valuable staff time by streamlining tasks such as distributing daily menus and removing sold-out items from the cafeteria’s food line. A simple update on a dynamic display can save minutes that could be spent writing on a chalkboard or reprinting fliers. With narrowcasting software from Easyscreen, hospitals can change their video content in just a few seconds. The software is easy to use and provides a range of templates for common healthcare content, including product demonstrations, tips on staying healthy, and patient testimonials.

Interactive Features

Digital signage offers a variety of interactive features. Whether displaying information specific to the waiting area, like cafeteria menus, visiting hours, hospital regulations, or general health and wellness messaging, patients can select the content that interests them. Hospitals can even add a branded channel that provides current weather, sports scores, updates, news, or informative videos. Donor recognition is also a great feature for hospitals that want to highlight how they rely on donations and how they’re used to help save lives.

The medical community knows that people have short attention spans and that visual information stays longer than the written word. This makes waiting room TVs an effective tool for delivering your message and making your wait time feel shorter.

Displaying real-time appointment info can give patients and their friends and family peace of mind by showing them their place in line, reducing anxiety that they’ve been forgotten or missed. It can also alleviate the need to constantly come up to the counter to ask how long they will have to wait, as a digital queue board shows them their position at a glance. You can even show all of the appointments currently scheduled at a location in the waiting area so that nobody misses out on seeing what is coming up next.

Streaming Content

Streaming content on clinic TV is one of the fastest ways to grab the attention of your patients. It helps to inform, educate, and empower the viewers. It is medically proven that visual information stays much longer than audio or text-based information. Some of the most powerful videos to air on your waiting room TV include product demonstrations, patient testimonials, and educational videos for patients.

Whether they are waiting in the lobby of a dentist, hospital, or clinic, patients appreciate being engaged with interesting and relevant content that makes their wait time feel more productive. It doesn’t reduce actual wait times, but it does help to mitigate the anxiety that comes with waiting by distracting and educating them during their downtime.

Digital signage can also display useful information such as cafeteria menus, visiting hours, hospital regulations, etc. It can even play promotional videos for your business or highlight specials and discounts to help increase patient loyalty.

You can also use the screen to recognize your donors, which is especially important for hospitals that depend on donations to continue their life-saving work. Adding a donation video to your waiting room will let patients know how they are helping others and increase their likelihood of donating. This will improve your reputation and increase the number of new and returning patients.

Easy to Maintain

Rather than writing on chalkboards or reprinting fliers, hospital staff can instantly update their displays. They can add or remove menu items, replace sold-out products, alter prices, and change the daily specials on the fly. They can also showcase employee recognition and advertise new hospital services to attract and retain patients.

Displaying a doctor’s profile, hospital facilities and amenities, upcoming events, or patient testimonials on medical waiting room TV helps build confidence in the facility and reduce perceived wait times. It’s medically proven that visual information is remembered longer than written or spoken.

Medical waiting room digital signage can also serve as a marketing platform, displaying 2D and 3D videos targeted to doctors and patients. Displaying educational videos on clinic TV can help educate your patients about various health issues and diseases and encourage them to take a proactive role in their healthcare. The right explainer video can increase conversion by almost 20%, so choosing the right one for your practice is important.


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