Exploring the Different Types of Maids and Their Specializations

When a maid is hired by a family, hotel or other company, they must have the right skills to do their job. This includes thoroughly understanding the cleaning process and following customer service standards.

Since maids usually work around children and animals, they should also have pediatric first aid and animal training. This is to ensure their safety and that they can handle situations properly.

Personal Assistant Maid

What is a maid? The personal assistant maid works with a household and is responsible for various chores such as ironing, shopping, cleaning, and laundry. This professional should be able to work independently and have excellent customer service, time management, and organizational skills.

Also known as a lady’s maid, this type serves a female employer and focuses on wardrobe care and high-end fashion advice. She demonstrates expert skills in managing fine linens and flowers while blending traditional duties with modern responsibilities like online shopping and digital wardrobe organization. She may even travel with her employer, handling all arrangements before and during trips.

A private personal assistant is a more sophisticated career option than a maid or a housekeeper. This position focuses more on helping one person and requires a cheerful demeanor and absolute discretion. This type of maid may help with scheduling, planning, and executing home improvement projects or renovations and handling travel and meeting bookings. She also oversees household finances, creates budgets, and handles correspondence. This is a great career option for those looking to advance in the workforce.

Specialty Maid

Maids are female domestic servants whose duties include cooking, cleaning, washing and grocery shopping. They also look after children and pets and help with the household finances. They are usually found in upper and middle-class households. In some parts of the world, maid services are the second largest employment category after agriculture.

A specialty maid is a maid who has specialized in one or more of the following tasks:

Cooks are maids that focus on cooking. They have the necessary certification to be considered chefs and are paid higher salaries.

When a maid selects cooking as its specialty, she gains the ability to craft non-magical food items and water at half the normal time. A maid can do this several times daily, equal to its Wisdom modifier.

A maid that has selected cooking as its specialization can use a point from its effort pool to create food that heals 1d6 hit points each round. This effect lasts for 1 round per maid level. Maids can also use a point from their effort pool to create magical food items, but these require more time to craft.

Basic Maid

As its name implies, a basic maid performs general house cleaning services. They may work for a private home, an apartment complex or a hotel. They typically wear a company cleaner uniform or the employer’s clean laundry outfit, comfortable shoes and an apron to hold their cleaning tools. Maids whom a cleaning company employs usually have more experience than independent maids. They may also be more reliable and have access to insurance.

Depending on the household size and the number of rooms, maids charge hourly or a flat rate. Maids who are required to clean homes with pets will often charge extra due to the additional dirt and hair that needs to be cleaned. Before hiring, clients should discuss their requirements with their maids to ensure a happy employer/employee relationship.

A maid must have excellent customer service skills as they regularly interact with clients and guests. They must also be competent in time management to promptly complete their assigned tasks and ensure everything is remembered. Maids must be familiar with all cleaning tools, equipment and supplies and have good physical ability to be on their feet for long periods. Many maids use to-do lists or chore binders to help them keep track of their duties and responsibilities.

Deep Maid

Whether you have a busy lifestyle, small children or physical limitations, a clean home is essential to your mental and physical health. Clutter can make your space unorganized, increase your risk of falls and create breeding grounds for germs and mold. Clutter removal is a maid complete specialization that can help you eliminate the mess and restore peace to your home.

Maids specializing in deep cleaning are more thorough than regular all-around maids or Yayas/nannies. They can handle more extensive work like detailed spring cleaning, steam cleaning your appliances and scrubbing bathtubs. They may also clean your carpets and wash windows. They can also assist with cooking, grocery shopping and caring for pets and elderly or disabled family members.

A lady’s maid styled her mistress’ hair, helped her dress and undress and kept her wardrobe. She may have read aloud to her or massaged her temples to relieve a headache. A gentleman’s valet did similar tasks for his employer.

Maid cafes have become very popular in Japan, where maids are often portrayed as cute, bubbly young women who act like little sisters to their patrons. Some restaurants focus on specific genres of anime and may even have the maids cosplay as characters. Neko (cat) maid cafes are very popular, where the maids wear cat ears and tails along with their regular maid outfits.


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