Features For Dual Wheel Shock Absorbing Casters

The features you should look for when purchasing dual wheel shock absorbing casters will depend on your needs. For example, if you want to protect your equipment from shock and vibration, consider buying a unit that has cushioned rides. These casters are common for sensitive medical equipment, laboratory equipment, mobile workstations, sound and lighting equipment, and food processing equipment.

Auto-Align Caster

Dual wheel shock absorbing casters with Auto-Align features automatically align themselves for optimal performance. This feature helps minimize the risk of overloading and twisting the cart. As a result, rolling over thresholds, cracked flooring, and uneven surfaces is easier. They also reduce the risk of damaging flooring.

This feature is ideal for many cart applications, from light-duty cart equipment to automated guided vehicles in warehousing. It also prevents side-load forces from bending the chassis and causing excessive vibration. These features allow the caster to maintain the proper balance of lateral and vertical forces, providing full directional control.

The caster angle is an essential component of vehicle alignment. Without it, the vehicle would be unstable and unpredictable. This angle also affects tire wear. If you have excessive positive caster, your tires may wear unevenly, resulting in a “feathering” pattern.

Independent Suspension

Independent suspension technology makes use of coil-over shocks and independent control arms. These dampen the impact of bumpy terrain. The system is similar to the shocks in cars. The spring controls the amount of up and down movement, and the damper controls the speed of the spring. The suspension arms are adjustable so the spring stiffens as bumps get larger. This results in a more comfortable ride, even at higher speeds.

Independent suspension is a popular choice for sports cars. Dependent suspension can cause a car to lose its overall balance, which is why independent suspension is preferred. Moreover, independent suspension is cost-effective. It provides improved comfort and improves driving quality. So, it’s easy to see why independent suspension is popular among drivers.

Unlike an independent suspension, a semi-independent suspension is more flexible when one wheel moves, but it affects the other. The difference between semi-independent and independent suspension is that the two wheels are connected. This type of suspension is most common on rear wheels.

Heavy-Duty Wheels

Dual wheel shock absorbing casters use independent suspension, with each wheel on an independent axle or leg. This eliminates excessive stress on a single wheel and reduces the risk of injury or failure. In addition, these casters feature tapered wheel bearings with dust seals to keep debris out.

These casters have a much higher weight capacity than standard casters. Some models can support up to 20,000 pounds. They are durable and provide excellent shock absorption but are also lightweight. Dual wheel shock-absorbing casters are especially useful for moving large objects. The spring-loaded design also reduces noise, protects delicate items, and extends the caster’s lifespan. However, it is important to select the right weight capacity. If the wheels are too heavy, they won’t provide adequate shock absorption.

Dual wheel shock-absorbing casters are an excellent choice for various applications. In addition, they are available in various sizes, making them ideal for your specific needs.

High-Capacity Springs

Shock-absorbing casters feature spring-loaded suspensions to absorb shock and vibration. This makes moving heavy cargo and equipment easier and minimizes noise. These casters are ideal for handling loads highly reactive to vibration and uneven surfaces. They also offer a wide range of capacities.

To achieve the most benefit from shock-absorbing casters, they must be equipped with the right type of springs. The right springs are designed to reduce vibration and extend the service life. Moreover, the spring constant must be correct to achieve optimum deflection. If the spring constant is too high, it extends the shock impact and causes excessive vibration.

Dual-wheel shock-absorbing casters are made of steel, which makes them durable. They can support a weight of up to 20,000 pounds. Moreover, these casters are made in the U.S.A. with precision machined and hardened components. They also come with sealed raceways, which prevent moisture from entering.


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