Five Of The Best Dog Games You Can Play Online

Alongside using devices to look into other areas of interest, be it sports news or reading about the latest trending topics on Twitter, gamers today typically explore games whenever they’re in need of some light entertainment. For dog lovers, there are some great options available to session on Android tablets and smartphones, as well as on iPhones and iPads.

In the past, games in this area were fairly limited. Whether it was the less-than-impressive graphics or the shoddy gameplay, gaming on a tablet or a modern-day mobile hasn’t always appealed to mass audiences. Nowadays, though, with innovation resulting in enhanced gaming products coming to the fore, the web is filled with viable gaming products. People with canine chums are, too, particularly given the world’s love of pooches in general. Below is a look at five great doggy-themed online games that are well worth exploring today on any device.

Dog Run

A free-to-play product that has been entertaining mass audiences for a good while now, Dog Run is a simple endless runner game that can be fired up in seconds and provides hours’ worth of entertainment as gamers aim to avoid obstacles while controlling a bunch of fast dogs. Along the route, there are items to collect, levels to smash through, new dogs to unlock, and a variety of rewards that enable this top title to deliver.

The Dog House Dice Show

For dog lovers, games based on dogs, like the entertaining The Dog House Dice Show, are well worth sampling. Filled with canine-themed symbols and offering a strong doggy theme, Pragmatic Play’s smash-hit release is capable of providing plenty of fun as players step into the whimsical canine world for a paw-tastic gaming-related escapade that is packed full of eye-catching visuals and impressively dynamic features. Also containing elements from classic animated movies and much-loved dice games, The Dog House Dice Show is a dog lover’s dream.

Dog Simulator

Simulator games haven’t always delivered and can be seen as inaccurate portrayals of real-life professions and various situations that we know so well. In terms of Dog Simulator, though, it most definitely represents an authentic dog-related simulator as players experience freedom as a pooch while running around, wreaking havoc, and recording high scores after collecting points. While the game does have some elements that perhaps aren’t as realistic as you’d expect, Dog Simulator is still a fantastic release to dip in and out of.

Dog Towndog.jpeg

Another simulation game, but with a slight difference, Dog Town tasks gamers with adopting a hound, taking good care of it, and watching it grow into a happy adult as players progress through the levels. With up to 60 dogs to collect and look after, Dog Town will certainly keep you busy for a good few hours at a time. The options are also extensive in this one, with gamers even being able to breed dogs themselves or send their puppy on a quest. It’s a blast.

Into the Dead 2

While Into the Dead 2 isn’t strictly about dogs, gamers have a doggy friend by their side as they aim to take down hordes of zombies. A runner and strategy title that will keep you on edge as you come under attack from the walking dead, you also have a dog companion who is there to help you out in a variety of challenging scenarios.

The game doesn’t focus on the dog, but the loveable mutt is prominently featured throughout, making this zombie-themed favorite a superb title for dog enthusiasts to play. Additionally, when assessing the game in general, Into the Dead 2’s gripping storyline and special events are genuinely excellent.


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