Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Custom Jewelry Design

Custom design may be great if you still want jewelry that checks all the boxes. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or something more casual, designing a one-of-a-kind piece can make all the difference. Ask your local jeweler if they will show you examples of cast and hand-fabricated details from their cases. They should also be able to explain their sourcing practices and ethos.

What is The Process?

Jewelry is a highly personal and meaningful item for most people. When you have a piece specially made, you can shape every design element into a final thing that is beyond your expectations and accurately captures your style. Customizing and creating a jewelry piece requires the jeweler to make a 3D wax model and CAD drawings, so you can see how your final dream jewelry will look before it is made. After this point, changes to the wax model are difficult and expensive since it will be destroyed in the casting process. You may have a jewelry design idea that has never been made before, but the process is usually very efficient and can be done within a few weeks. It is because luxury goods & jewelry designers are experienced and creative individuals.

What is The Cost?

Creating custom jewelry requires a lot more work than mass-produced items. It makes it more expensive. However, the jeweler can work with your budget to create something stunning. The first step is establishing the design of the piece. It can be done by providing a description, picture, or actual item to the in-house designers. They will take notes and create a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for you to review. The type of metal used in the design will also influence the final price. Sterling silver is the least expensive, while gold becomes more costly as the karat increases. In addition to this, the size of the piece will impact the cost as well. A larger ring is usually more expensive to make. It is due to the extra materials needed for a large amount.

How Long Will It Take?

Typically, it takes about six weeks to two months from the time you show your sketch to when you have your custom jewelry in hand. It includes multiple meetings to arrive at the final design, creating a wax model, and casting the finished jewelry. When you meet with the jeweler, bring the wearer’s ring size (for rings) or wrist size (for bracelets). It is also helpful to have a few images that illustrate the style of jewelry you want. Be prepared for revisions, as they are often necessary to achieve the final product you envision. It may delay the process. However, working closely with the jeweler to minimize alterations will save you time and money in the long run. Be patient. It will be worth it!

Can I Change The Design?

When designing jewelry, skilled jeweler can use their creativity and technical abilities to meet your needs. They can transform your ideas into a unique piece you will treasure forever. Make sure your custom jeweler can show you examples of their work. Look for photos and CAD models but especially ask to see samples of their cast and hand-fabricated pieces. Please pay attention to the symmetry, finish, and stone setting and ask about their engraving style, as all engravers have different techniques. Also, please find out about their manufacturing location. Depending on location, it will impact your costs as duties and shipping vary greatly. It can be a high cost for bespoke jewelry.

Can I Change The Metals?

While you can find many beautiful ready-made pieces at Lewis Jewelers, there’s nothing like designing a piece that’s 100% unique. Whether you have a Pinterest board of ideas, a treasured heirloom piece, or just a hunch that something needs restyling, custom jewelry design allows you to bring your inspiration to life. Start your design process by gathering inspiration from online searches, a Pinterest deep dive, or shopping at local jewelry stores to see what’s available. Then, start sketching! Be sure to label the parts of your sketch with the metals you want to use so you remember when you meet with your designer. Some metals, such as silver and gold, are too soft in their pure elemental form for jewelry making, so they need to be combined with other metals to make them durable enough to wear.

Can I Change The Setting?

The beauty of custom jewelry is that it is truly one-of-a-kind. The look of a piece of jewelry is made up of many small parts, like the shape and size of the head, the polish and finish on the surface, and the way the stones are set. Pave (pronounced pa-vey) setting is a glittery style that sets diamonds close together using tiny prongs to hold them in place. It is a durable setting, but it can be less comfortable if the ring is worn in many different situations. Have you inherited an old piece of jewelry that isn’t your style? A custom design is an ideal option to revitalize it! 


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