How to Do a Screen Recording on Mac

Recording the screen on your Mac can be very useful for many reasons. Perhaps you want to share a walk-through of a process with an associate that is not in the same location. Maybe you want to record a bug to show others the steps you have taken up to a point.

Whatever the reason, learning how to record your screen on your Mac can be an invaluable tool. In this article, we’ll tell you how to do a screen recording on Mac. 

Using QuickTime Player for Mac Screen Recording

You can do a screen recording on Mac in a few different ways. One way is to use QuickTime Player. QuickTime Player is a free application that comes with your Mac.

To use QuickTime Player for screen recording, you first need to open up the application. Then, you need to click on “File” and “New Screen Recording” in the menu bar.

A window will pop up, and you can choose whether you want to record the entire screen or just a portion of it. Once you have made your selection, you will need to click on the “Record” button. After recording, you can click on “Stop” in the menu bar and save your recording.

If you have so many recordings saved on your Mac and you want to change the filenames, then there’s nothing to worry about since you can use setapp.com to rename files in batches. This is especially helpful if you need to reorganize your files. 


The ScreenFlow software is specially designed for Mac users and is a more robust screen recording tool. It allows you to do more with your recordings, such as adding graphics, text, and annotations.

The program can record everything on the screen and has several editing options. You may use the iSight camera, the microphone of your device, the speaker audio, and others to record. 

To have complete access to the features of this tool, you have to pay $99. With its price, you will have a professional editing tool aside from the screen recording feature.

iShowU HD Pro

iShowU HD Pro is a Mac screen recorder that is easy to use, and it records in high definition, so you will be able to get a great quality recording. You can use valuable tools with this app, like the audio adjuster for the equalizer, audio processor, and compressor.

Another advantage of this app is that the videos are updated instantly, which means no waste of time. Also, you can record up to 1080p resolution.

To record your screen, press the red record button. Once you see the countdown on the screen, then you can start. It won’t be necessary to access the pull-down menu each time when you know the keyboard shortcuts.


Loom is another excellent screen recorder but is not only limited to Mac users. This is free for the Loom Starter, quick to install, and easy to use.

For the free version, you can only screen record a video for up to 5 minutes. But, if you are an Education user, you can record up to 45 minutes. You can keep recording a video for up to 6 hours if you are a Business or Enterprise user.

To start recording, open the Loom app and click the Loom icon in your screen’s lower right-hand corner. Then choose what you want to capture; if it is your screen, you will have to select “screen” or choose “screen + cam” when you would like to record your screen and the camera.

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software

The OBS is an open-source screen recording tool that allows you to use and record screens without time limit and watermark. To get this software, you must visit the OBS official site through your preferred browser. Then look for the OBS download page and download the installer; make sure you download the latest version.

After downloading the software, open the package and open the installer. Then you may launch the application.

To record your screen using OBS, simply open the application and click that plus sign that you can find in the sources section. You will then have to choose a source name and click OK. Next, choose a display and capture method, and click OK.

Just click “settings” and click “output” if you don’t like to use the default file destination source. You can now begin by clicking “start recording.”


The ScreenRec is another option for Mac screen recording. You can readily take a screenshot or screen record by pressing Alt + S. With its simple interface; the users won’t have any trouble accessing the application. 

Even if this is a free application, users can use it without watermarks or advertisements. This also comes with a secure video platform where you can store the recordings, and there’s no need for integrating a third-party cloud service.

Create a free cloud account to screen record without a time limit. But if you don’t have an account, you will only be allowed up to 5 minutes of recording.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

This screen recorder is easy to use and offers a variety of features. This app is free to use with a watermark, or you can pay for a subscription to remove the watermark.

To start recording your screen with Apowersoft, launch the program and click on the “Start Record” button. Then, select the area of your screen that you want to record. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the “Start” button to begin recording.

Apowersoft offers various recording options, so you can customize your recording to fit your needs. For example, you can choose to record your screen with or without audio. You can also choose to record your entire screen or specific area.

Record Videos Quickly by Knowing How to Do a Screen Recording on Mac

There are so many benefits of using screen recorders, which is why they are used widely nowadays. If you need to record your screen on a Mac, there are a few different ways to do it. You can use QuickTime Player, which is already installed on every Mac, or you can use a third-party app like ScreenFlow.

Knowing how to do a screen recording on Mac is a great way to create how-to videos, capture video footage of your screen, or make presentations. With QuickTime Player, you can easily record your screen on Mac. Happy recording!

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