The Do’s and Don’ts of Puppy Potty Training

As any new parent knows, raising a puppy is no easy task. Your four-legged friend comes with many responsibilities, including taking care of their health, funding their vet bills, supplying them with proper nutrition bills, and paying for their training classes.

If you haven’t had a pet in a while, it might feel not very safe to raise a puppy. One of the most important tasks you need to take on is puppy potty training. Teaching your dog how to use the bathroom outside is a big priority.

But how do you start? What are the do’s and don’ts of potty training a puppy? We have all the tips you need to know.


Housetraining a dog can be a bit of work, but if you follow these simple do’s of puppy potty training, you’ll have your pup potty trained in no time!

  • Crate or pen your pup for short periods when you cannot watch them. This will help them learn that they need to hold it until they’re outside.
  • Take your pup out frequently, especially after meals and naps. This will help them learn that they need to go outside to relieve themselves.
  • Be consistent with your commands and rewards. This will help your pup understand what you expect of them and make puppy training faster and easier for both of you.
  • Be patient! Puppies are learning, and mistakes are bound to happen. Just keep at it, and your pup will get the hang of it in no time.


  • Don’t use punishment as a way to train your pup. This will only make them scared of you and will not help them learn what you expect of them.
  • Don’t get angry or frustrated with your pup. They’re doing their best, and they’ll get there with patience and encouragement.


The number one rule for the success of puppy bathroom training is consistency. You must be consistent with the words you use, the commands you give, and your rewards.

  • Choose one command and stick with it (for example, “go potty” or “do your business”).
  • Be consistent with the tone of voice and body language when giving the command.
  • Be consistent with the rewards you offer, and give them immediately after your puppy goes potty in the desired location.
  • Make sure to give your puppy plenty of opportunities to use the restroom throughout the day, and be sure to clean up any accidents immediately.
  • Be consistent with the schedule you keep. Try to take your puppy out to the potty simultaneously each day.
  • On occasion, especially while at work, you may find it challenging to train your puppy. In this case, you may want to keep your puppy entertained. Check out these toys to keep dogs busy.

Follow These Tips for a Smooth Puppy Potty Training

Puppy potty training can be a daunting task, but you can make the process go smoothly by following these simple tips. With patience and consistency, your puppy will be potty trained!

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