The Top Games For Dog Owners in 2023

Chances are, if you’ve dedicated your life to looking after your canine chum, you’re a fan of dogs. In fact, even if you’re a new dog owner, it’s hard not to fall deeply in love with your new pooch pal, isn’t it? Some people adore dogs so much that the content they consume is dog-related, too. Even in the gaming world, dog owners are playing dog-themed games, for example.

Animal-themed games have always been popular anyway, but for dog owners there are now some seriously viable options. In the past, though, this wasn’t always the case, with modern-day innovation leading to enhanced gaming products that feature a variety of animals. For instance, games like Stray task players with navigating a feline companion through a cyberpunk universe.

Likewise, Ecco The Dolphin is a classic title that features the intelligent creature throughout, while lovers of buffalo can explore the Buffalo Blitz casino slot, a game that is set in lush green grassland as players aim to land on three or more matching symbols, with the buffalo being one of them. The same applies to mutt owners, with a selection of games being played on a variety of devices in 2023.

So, if you’re in need of a dog-themed game to play during some downtime, let’s assess some of the best options right now.

Nintendogs is hugely popular on Nintendo DS and 3DS

Kicking things off with one of the most realistic dog games on the market, Nintendogs is a pet simulation title where players can look after their chosen dog breed in a virtual environment. A great release for people to play before potentially owning a dog in the real world in the future, this impressively realistic product has received glowing reviews, with gaming audiences and dog lovers alike being won over by the lifelike Nintendogs that are present in the game. For dog lovers, it’s definitely one of the best games around.

Animal Crossing features a variety of animals

Although Animal Crossing features a wide selection of animals, the dog characters are certainly the best. With a total of twenty-seven dogs to choose from, players have the chance to fall for a selection of loveable pooches, although many people love K.K. Slider, a guitar-playing canine who is ever-present throughout. The game is seriously fun and entertaining, with players having to build their own community of animals.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality masterpiece

On smartphone devices, Pokemon Go is the most immersive gaming experience you can possibly have. While the game isn’t packed full of dogs, though, there are dog-esque characters that will surely pass the test. Pokemon like Growlithe, or the evolved version of it, Arcanine, have clearly been created with dogs in mind and are hard not to warm to. Additionally, the game’s augmented reality feature means that you can play it while walking your dog in a local park, too. Players can hatch eggs, take down gyms, battle against rival trainers, and a whole lot more.

Fallout 4 is a great option on PlayStation

A fantastic game that is thriving on PlayStation console machines, Fallout 4 isn’t specifically related to dogs, but a German Shepherd called Dogmeat is heavily featured in the game and becomes a vitally important companion for players to have as they embark on a number of dangerous adventures. In the game, Dogmeat provides extra protection, while also keeping gamers company on the journey through the game’s detailed map. Dogmeat even has armour to wear, too.

Other games for dog lovers includes PaRappa The Rapper, Metal Gear Solid 5, Dog’s Life, and Sims 4 Cats and Dogs.


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