The Ultimate Guide to a Properly Fitting Dog Collar

Why do you need a properly fitting dog collar?

The collar is the first thing a person sees when your dog is ‘all dressed up.’ And you want the collar to be comfortable, safe, and stylish. A poorly fitted collar could pose risks from choking to cuts from sharp edges.

With so many choices for dog collars, it’s critical to understand your choices and how to get the best for your puppy.

A correctly fitted dog collar is more than a fashion statement. A well-fitted collar is a safe and supportive accessory. Keep reading for tips on measuring, styles, and how to purchase the right fit for your dog.

Measure Your Dog’s Neck

To measure your dog’s neck for a good fit dog collar, use a flexible tape measure. Start at the base of your dog’s neck, where the collar will sit. Wrap the tape measure around the neck, making sure to leave enough room to comfortably fit two fingers between the tape measure and your dog’s neck.

Mark the spot where the tape measure meets, and then measure the distance between the mark and the base of your dog’s neck. This is your dog’s neck size.

Choose the Right Type of Dog Collar

Collar sizes and widths are available to fit various dog sizes and breeds. If your dog has a thick coat, a wider collar will help distribute the weight evenly. If your dog is active, you’ll want a stronger, more durable collar.

Consider your style because there are many different types of collars to choose from in terms of color and material. If you take the time to look for the best material for dog collar, you’ll be able to find one that both you and your dog will like.

Combining Dog Accessories

When combining dog accessories, it is important to make sure that they are all compatible with each other. For example, if you are using a harness, you will want to make sure that the collar you use will fit well over the harness.

You also want to avoid using accessories that could become tangled, such as a leash and a collar that are both made of ribbon.

Avoid Overstated Dog Collar Dangers

An ill-fitting collar can cause a world of problems, from constant slipping and escape attempts to painful irritation and chafing. An oversize or undersized collar is one of the leading causes of pet-related injuries.

To avoid putting your furry friend in harm’s way, take the time to find a safe collar and while you’re at it, be sure to check the fit regularly, as your dog’s weight can fluctuate, affecting the fit of their collar. 

Get Your Dog the Best Fit Dog Collar

If you’re looking for a properly fitting dog collar, this is the ultimate guide for you. We’ll show you how to measure your dog’s neck and find a collar that fits comfortably. We also have a great selection of collars for all budgets.

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