Things That You Must Do Before Selling Your House

Wow, have you seen how the housing market has transformed in the last couple of years? Home prices rose 26.5% compared to March 2020 making it a great time to sell.

The smart homeowner will take advantage of the opportunity to sell and make a profit on their home as long as they have somewhere else to go.

Are you thinking about putting your house on the market soon? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to go beyond putting an FSBO sign in your yard. Keep reading to learn some important things that you must do before actually selling your house.


The last thing potential buyers want to see is a house full of clutter. That’s a red flag for a couple of reasons. One is it could mean that it will be a while before you’re ready to actually move out.

The other is that it signals the home does not have enough storage and overall space for one’s belongings. When someone is jumping into homeownership, they want the right size home with adequate space.

A possible solution to this is to box up items that you aren’t going to be using every day and store them in a San Francisco self-storage unit. This will allow you to declutter and make your home feel bigger to prospective buyers.


Remove family photos and personal belongings that might be less appealing to the average buyer. More neutral decor that makes your home look more like a model will help home buyers imagine themselves in the space.

Freshen Up Paint

Buyers look at all types of homes and will choose the one in which they can picture themselves. If you have some wild colors or your walls are scuffed or marked up, you need to give them a new coat of paint using a neutral color.

Clean It Up

It’s very difficult to keep your home spotless when you have it on the market, but it’s important to do so. Clean it and clean it some more. Get rid of dust. Carpets should look freshly vacuumed. Countertops should be wiped down. There should be an overall tidy look to the home.

Up the Curb Appeal

You don’t want potential buyers to drive on after pulling up to the home. Your curb appeal should invite buyers into the home. Make a good first impression.

Plant some colorful flowers or put some potted plants by the front door. Repaint the front door if it’s looking stale.

Make Repairs

If you have some obvious repairs like a cabinet door coming off the hinges or a leak in the ceiling, make that repair before showing the home.

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Are You Selling Your House?

Now that you know what you have to do before selling your house, are you ready to get to work? Remember that your goal is to get potential buyers to picture themselves living in your house. Keep things simple while playing up the important features like the kitchen, bathrooms, and curb appeal.

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