Benefits of Using Clamshell Packaging

What Are the Benefits of Using Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshell packaging is an excellent option for protecting products from dust, dirt, and theft while offering high-level customization.

Plastic clamshells are also resistant to moisture and airborne contaminants, so they can withstand jostling during transport and still be intact when shoppers get them home. They’re also naturally tamper-evident, which helps deter petty theft.


Clamshell packaging is a durable, reliable alternative to paper boxes. They can protect your food from airborne contaminants and moisture, ensuring that your customers receive fresh, delicious food in perfect condition. They’re also user-friendly and can be molded to fit the shape of your food. It saves space on plan-o-grams or shelving, making them easy to stack and store.

In addition to protecting your product from damage, clamshell packaging is a great deterrent against theft. The plastic clamshell and printed insert card make it difficult for shoplifters to steal items. Clamshell packaging is also naturally tamper-evident, allowing retailers to identify whether the package has been opened or damaged quickly.

If you sell high-value products, such as LED light bulbs or electronics, a clamshell package can help protect your product during shipping and delivery. This type of packaging is also ideal for products sensitive to heat and cold. The clamshell can keep the product safe from extreme temperature changes, which will help to prolong the product’s life. It can also prevent leaks, which can occur during shipment.


Clamshell packaging is durable and can withstand repeated use and various conditions. It is also made from high-quality plastic and sustainable packaging materials, conveying a sense of quality. It can be used in food-based hospitality business settings where customers order take-out and need a container to carry the products home safely.

This type of packaging is also great for preventing theft and tampering, as it is difficult to open without damaging the product inside. This is one of the reasons why expensive gadgets and equipment are often packaged in clamshells. Additionally, clamshells are naturally tamper-evident, allowing shoppers and store employees to tell if a package has been tampered with easily.

Many clamshells come with a transparent design, which is popular among consumers. It allows the customer to see the quality of the product before making a purchase. It is important to note that some people struggle with opening hard-to-open packaging, particularly those with mobility or sensory issues. In these cases, a transfer window can be inserted into the clamshell to make it easier for customers to open it.

Easy to open

If you’ve ever purchased a razor, light bulb, ink cartridge, or anything else from the store that is sealed in clamshell packaging, you know it can be difficult to open. This frustration has been so widespread that it has been given its own emotion: wrap rage!

Despite the difficulty of opening, clamshell packaging has several advantages that make it an ideal option for many retail items. For example, clamshell packaging is durable and sturdy, which helps to prevent tampering and product damage during transit. It also deters shoplifting and reduces return rates.

Another benefit of clamshell packaging is that it allows for full product visibility. This is especially important for products that are prone to fading or deterioration. Using plastic clamshell packaging ensures your product will last longer while still looking attractive on store shelves.

In addition, clamshell packaging can help protect your products from poor storage conditions and improper handling during transport. This type of packaging also seals out airborne pollutants, which can affect the quality of food and other regulated substances.


If your business serves take-out food, you need durable packaging to keep it safe and secure until customers arrive home. Clamshell packaging is a great option because it can be molded into the exact shape you need and keeps products safe when transported to your customers’ homes.

Additionally, clamshell packaging can be made from a variety of materials. For example, sustainable clamshell packaging is a good choice for your food-based hospitality business because it is recyclable. Other options for clamshell packaging include thermoformed plastic and die-cut plastic. The latter is an excellent choice for many products, including beauty tools and personal care items.

Another benefit of clamshell packaging is that it provides full visibility to the product inside. It helps your guests choose the right item for their needs. It also boosts your brand by delivering ample billboard space to highlight key features and benefits of the products. The clamshell design also offers protection during shipping and handling, which can reduce the number of complaints, returns, and refunds from your customers.

Environmentally friendly

Clamshell packaging is a highly durable plastic that can protect products from the elements. It is also resistant to water damage and mold, which can destroy cardboard boxes and other types of packaging. Clamshell packaging is ideal for sensitive products like LED lightbulbs and other fragile items. Its sealed design also helps to keep dust out and makes it more difficult for shoplifters to steal products.

Another benefit of clamshell packaging is its versatility. It can store food and non-food products like electronics, cosmetics, and beauty. The packaging can be customized with printed logos, dyed plastic, or stamped designs. It can increase brand visibility and improve sales.

Clamshell containers are also used in restaurants and fast food settings to store grab-n-go foods like sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers. These containers can also be made of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials. However, it is important to remember that only clear #1 plastic food-grade clamshells are recyclable, and colors (especially black) can contaminate recycling streams.


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