What Does a Coalition Manager Do? A Closer Look

The US Chamber of Commerce spent more than 19 million dollars last year on lobbying in the US. Most of the money was spent on advisors and consulting firms with skilled coalition management teams.

The duties of a coalition manager combine extensive collaboration and balancing many priorities. Here are more specifics on what this position entails.

What is Coalition Management?

When members of a group come together to support a mutual cause or project, they are in a coalition. These groups are generally used to increase their own power base.

A coalition manager oversees the core activities of the coalition. Their duties generally include a broad range of responsibilities, including planning and coordination. They usually work with senior managers, board members, steering committees, or other teams. 

They focus on the mission and strategic goals of the coalition at all times. Every coalition management position is different. That’s due to different governance structures and activities of the organization.

Duties of A Coalition Manager

A coalition manager handles coordination within a wide variety of areas. Here are some examples of the tasks they may be accountable for.

Planning and Vision Setting

The manager leads the process of developing a strategy or vision for the coalition. They assist with goal setting within senior management teams. This position establishes priorities and projects to achieve the stated goals.

Policy Initiatives

Coalition management tackles large and complex projects that include many people and organizations. Poor information flow and lack of clarity create problems. That can result in delays or failure of the project itself.

Check this link, https://acgadvocacy.com/what-we-do/, for a great example of what is coalition management. Professional coalition managers have the experience and network to help you succeed. They can assist, no matter how involved the systems become. 

Communication and Outreach

They oversee media communications about the positions and work of the coalition. The media must represent these well. A coalition manager takes care of internal communications among team members, the steering committee, and members of the executive.

The coalition manager will expand the membership of the alliance where required. They support website maintenance and the planning and use of social media accounts and campaigns. They work to design and coordinate marketing activities.

Legislative Affairs

The manager will maintain congressional relationships in related coalitions, conferences, and other venues. They liaise with lobby groups and manage community meetings and coalition group events. 


Coalitions are often formed to gain power in the form of an increased share of resources. A coalition may form to defeat a bill or proposed acquisition. Managing a coalition includes looking at the distribution of resources in an organization.

Coalition Manager

Now that you understand the diverse work environment of a coalition manager, you can see the benefit of their extensive knowledge and experience. When you have a strategic consulting firm on your side, it’s more likely that your project will succeed.

Did you find this article helped you decide to leave the coalition management to the professionals? If so, check our other business articles to create other advantages for your business.


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