What is the Animal Welfare League and What Do They Do?

Are you an advocate for animal rights?

Humans and animals have coexisted since the beginning of time. However, for some people, the world isn’t big enough for both. It’s sad to think that many animals get abused and neglected every day. That’s why we have animal welfare programs.

Each country has its own animal welfare act and organization. In Australia, it’s the Animal Welfare League. For 60 years, this registered charity has stepped up for animals and given them a voice.

But what exactly do they do? Do you want to learn more about Australia’s league for animal welfare? Read on to discover more.

Rescue Strays and Abused Animals

Did you know that Australian animal shelters admit over 200,000 dogs every year? This isn’t even counting the dogs left behind by their owners. The sad truth is that there will always be a stray in need of help.

The Animal Welfare League works to find these strays and offer them a second chance. This organization also has a team of inspectorates who investigate and enforce laws on animal welfare. These people are in charge of finding animals who live in poor conditions.

Sometimes, this results in prosecuting the offender and, fortunately, saving the abused animal.

Shelters and Rehomes Rehabilitated Pets

Saving an animal does not only entail bringing them into the shelter. It also involves daily care and socialization to help pets get a chance at a second home. The Animal Welfare League offers shelter services, complete with veterinary care and training.

Many abused and neglected animals tend to develop emotional trauma. This often results in the animal becoming anti-social or aggressive. Unfortunately, this can prevent the dog or cat from finding a forever home.

Rehab helps these pets prepare for adoption and increase their chances of finding a family.

Spay and Neuter Programs

While cats make great family companions, feral cats can tip the ecological balance. Unfortunately, Australian officials have resorted to extreme measures to deal with cat overpopulation. Many irresponsible cat owners dump kittens on the streets, contributing to the number of homeless cats.

The League of Animal Welfare League seeks to minimize the cat population in a more humane way. In 2017, the AWLQ Gold Coast introduced discounted desexing programs. This makes spay and neutering services more accessible for families who wish to avoid an unplanned pet pregnancy.

Educating the Public

Animal welfare is an everyday battle, with some good and bad days. Australia recently launched its first free education program targeted toward animal welfare. The Animal Welfare League does its part in educating the public through inspections or accepting volunteers.

Join the Animal Welfare League in Their Fight for Animal Rights Today

The Animal Welfare League is one of many organizations working to improve animals’ lives. From public education to shelter services, these are only some examples of what they do to help pets.

Want to know how you can do your part in saving abused and neglected animals? Check out our other blog posts to learn more.


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