What Makes the Best Animal Clinic?

When choosing a veterinary clinic, there are many different things to look for. These include AAHA accreditation, in-clinic diagnostics, and wellness packages. Some clinics also offer boarding and grooming services for your pets. Visiting an AAHA-accredited clinic can help give you peace of mind while your pet is receiving treatment.

They provide grooming and boarding services

Aside from surgical procedures, the best NW Houston animal clinic offers various services for your pets. They can also provide grooming, boarding, and wellness packages for your animals. The services provided by these clinics are aimed at improving the bond between you and your animal companion.

They have a cat-friendly policy

Many cats don’t enjoy veterinary visits, but a cat-friendly practice will help reduce the stress and anxiety of a cat’s stay. Cat-friendly methods have a dedicated waiting area and a way to separate cats from other animals. They also avoid creating a noisy environment and will provide educational materials for clients on cat issues. A cat-friendly clinic will also use guidelines for pain management, which will help the veterinarian to provide the best care. For example, a veterinarian will assess your cat’s pain during a checkup and will use specialized equipment to minimize your cat’s discomfort during a procedure.

They have flexible hours

If you are looking for a career that accommodates the personal lives of its staff, you can consider applying for a position at an animal clinic that offers flexible hours. While veterinary practices often require staff members to be in the same office all day, digital scheduling systems allow staff to switch shifts and work maximum hours each week. This gives them time to find coverage for personal events that might interrupt their work schedule.

They have low-cost spay/neuter programs

Low-cost spay/neuter clinics can be an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend much money. These clinics are more like an assembly line where many animals can be fixed in one day for an affordable price. They are great for reducing pet overpopulation, but you should know the risks associated with such a procedure. Also, you should ask yourself why the clinic can offer these services for such a low price. It could be because donations support them or because they do 60 or more daily procedures. Choosing a high-quality clinic is essential if you want to keep your pet healthy for a long time.

AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals can treat significant surgery or cancer

Major surgery and cancer can be complicated for dogs, so it’s essential to go to an accredited veterinary hospital specializing in treating these conditions. AAHA-accredited veterinary facilities are equipped to handle these cases, which may involve major surgery or chemotherapy. AAHA-accredited veterinarians have advanced training in surgery and cancer treatment. Their pre-surgical assessments determine the risks of complications during the procedure, and their surgical facilities have dedicated surgical suites to prevent cross-contamination and post-operative infections. Surgeons are also required to wear disposable masks, caps, and gloves.

Aside from specialized cancer treatments, AAHA-accredited veterinary facilities also offer emergency services and are dedicated to clinical research and developing innovative therapies for patients. These hospitals provide care in more than 20 different specialties and services and have more than 40 board-certified veterinarians on staff. Many AAHA-accredited veterinary institutions have MRI machines and other advanced diagnostic equipment.


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