What to Consider Before Adding a New Puppy to the Family

According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey, 70% of U.S. households, or around 90.5 million families own a pet.

The amount of happiness the small four-legged bundle of joy brings with it cannot be overestimated. Puppies are the perfect combination of a child and a pet!

But before pouring them with love and a large number of chewed shoes and an expensive couch, you need to consider a few things first. They are still very young and vulnerable, and they will require your care and patience to help them mature into the amazing dogs they’ll become soon.

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy? It would be best if you consider these things before having a new pet.

Timing is Everything

The timing of bringing a new puppy into your home is crucial so you need to make sure that you are prepared for the additional responsibility and that your home is ready to adopt a puppy. Consider also the needs of the puppy and whether or not your lifestyle can accommodate a young dog. It is important to do your research and be patient before bringing a new pet into your life.

Choose the Right Breed

Do your research to ensure the breed you’re interested in is a good fit for your lifestyle and personality. In addition to finding out about a breed’s history, health concerns, energy level, and grooming needs, you can also read about each breed’s attitude. Considering common dog breeds might help you become at ease and make things bearable for you because some breeds may require a lot of attention and proper care.

Cost of Having a New Puppy

The initial cost of the puppy itself, plus any vaccinations, microchipping and other required vet services can add up quickly. But the ongoing cost of food, supplies, routine vet care, and unexpected vet bills for things like illnesses or injuries are also significant. If you’re not prepared to handle these costs, a puppy may not be the right pet for you.

Puppy-Proof Your Home

Before getting a new puppy, it is essential to puppy-proof your home. This means creating a safe environment for your young dog to explore.

Some things you can do to achieve a puppy-proof home are the following: removing or securing items that could be chewed or swallowed, providing a designated area for your puppy to relieve itself, and creating a safe space for your puppy to play and sleep. By taking these precautions, you can help your new pet adjust to its new home and have proper pet care.

Be Prepared for the Long Haul

Puppies require a lot of supervision, so be sure you have the time and patience to commit to it before bringing one home. Expect that you will have to set aside plenty of time for potty training, socialization, obedience training, and exercising.

Adding a New Pet is a Big Decision

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of what to factor in before adding a new puppy to the family.

There are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. Cost, time commitment, proper shelter, and unexpected messes are all important factors. Puppies are a lot of work, but they can also bring a lot of fun to your home.

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