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Why Transcribing Video Is Essential for Your Content Strategy

Video transcripts are crucial for several reasons. Some people prefer to read instead of listen, some videos have loud background noise, or the sound may be turned off. Transcribing a video can be done manually or with world-class software programs. Using automated transcription services is more time-efficient and cost-effective than manual transcription.

Accessibility to a Wider Audience

Transcripts are textual versions of videos. In addition to making videos ADA-compliant, it makes them more searchable, enhances engagement and retention, and improves the ability for people to share content with friends, family and other audiences.

Only some visitors to your website can watch your video content daily, whether it be due to locality, time constraints or simply preference. Transcripts make your videos available to people who would not otherwise be able to access them – and this is a significant audience given the large number of millennials and other young demographics with hearing impairments.

Adding subtitles to your videos increases accessibility even more. It allows visitors who prefer to read the content rather than watch it, especially those with varying learning styles, to do so at their own pace without interrupting other viewers or damaging your brand image. Other aspects of video content that can increase inclusivity include ensuring a good contrast between the text and the background and using a large reader.

Contrasting colors, for instance, help those with visual impairments or blindness distinguish the text from the video background and thus make it easier to consume and digest. Similarly, using larger text sizes on video captions and subtitles makes them visible to a wider audience.

Increased Reach

Video content is engaging and effectively conveys a message, but it can be challenging to understand. Loud background noise, mumbling and strong accents can make deciphering the words spoken in a video difficult. Transcribing video to text is a great way to provide clarity.

It can also help viewers keep up with the video if they watch it on their mobile devices or have a slow Internet connection. Websites that posted transcripts of their videos saw an increase in their search engine rankings. This is because video content can be difficult to index and rank for, while a transcript can easily be indexed and ranked by search engines.

In addition, video transcripts are helpful for ESOL learners. ESOL stands for English as a Second Language and an estimated 4.9 million individuals are in American public schools alone. Providing a transcript allows these learners to fully comprehend your content without repeatedly watching the video and picking up on words they may not understand. Another advantage of video transcripts is that they can be repurposed as blog posts, social media updates or in other formats that require text. It is a cost-effective way to get the most out of your video content.


Video transcriptions are a valuable tool to have in any business. They are great for repurposing videos, making them easier to read, or even allowing people who cannot hear the audio to still benefit from the content. Additionally, they can be used to create closed captions, which are required by law for many types of videos.

Transcriptions are a high-skill process that requires listening to a recording, understanding the context and accurately typing it into a text document. Inaccuracies are inevitable, but it is possible to reduce them using the right tools and services. A good transcript should be easy to read and avoid distracting punctuation or spelling mistakes.

When using a transcription service, choose one that offers quality assurance and will be happy to edit the transcript until satisfied. It will assist you in avoiding humiliating blunders that would harm your reputation and lead potential consumers to cease doing business with you.

Facilitates Collaboration

Video transcription services offer personalized services that suit the needs of consumers. They provide quality work competitively to build sustainable partnerships with clients. They also offer confidentiality provisions to protect the sensitive information transferred to them. It helps foster trust between both parties and creates a positive impression in clients’ minds.

In addition to providing accessibility to a wide audience, transcripts facilitate collaboration by allowing teams to review and comment on the content. They can also double-check the accuracy of the text and make changes as necessary. Using a video transcription service can help improve productivity and reduce the time to complete a project.

Moreover, transcripts can be used for various purposes, including generating high-converting lead magnets and blog posts. The content can also be translated into other languages to reach a wider audience. Getting your videos transcribed will help you stay ADA-compliant, boost your search engine optimization, and enable you to reach a wider audience.

Transcripts are a must-have, whether it’s for educational purposes, business, or legal reasons. It’s also useful to have a record of your conversation and help you remember important details. Moreover, you can use the transcript to create closed captions for your video. Lastly, a transcription can help you understand how your customers react to your content and how well it’s performing on your website or other platforms.


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