4 Concealed Carry Positions to Consider When Wearing Concealed Carry Coats

When wearing a concealed carry coat, you must decide where to carry your gun. There are several positions to choose from, such as the small-of-back position, the hip carry, and the appendix carry. Knowing the proper way to carry your gun is important, so you don’t get caught in a dangerous situation.

Small-Of-Back Carry

Small-of-back carry is a common method of concealing a firearm by wearing concealed carry coats and jackets. This method requires training and familiarity with the design of the holster and the weapon. It also provides an added layer of safety by allowing sufficient space between the weapon and the garment.

Many people choose small-of-back carry because of the ease of concealment. This style allows the firearm, holster, or both to disappear under the coat or shirt. If the holster or gun is worn correctly, it will not show underneath the coat or shirt.

This carrying can be comfortable while standing, walking, or running. However, some gun owners disagree that this carry style is a safer option. It is a common method of concealment, but a disadvantage is that the gun must be in a position where the wearer can quickly draw the weapon.

Appendix Carry

When you’re wearing concealed carry coats, you can wear an appendix carry holster. These holsters are easy to wear, comfortable to wear, fast to draw from, and concealable. They also have good retention qualities and are safe for disciplined carriers. While this carrying may not be for everyone, many conceal carriers have succeeded with appendix carry.

Appendix carry is one of the oldest ways to carry a handgun. It’s often depicted in paintings of European warriors who carried flintlock pistols. However, the method has its disadvantages. It can make it difficult to draw a firearm if the coat is too loose.

Appendix carry is also uncomfortable during hot weather. It can also make concealment more difficult. Women may find it difficult to hide a gun under their coat or jacket, but options are available.

On the Hip Position

Carrying your concealed carry gun in an on-the-hip position can make concealment more difficult and make the gun more visible. In addition, the hip holster sticks out more than the other positions and can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Fortunately, other positions can make your gun carry even more concealed. One is the kidney carry, which rests the gun behind the hip.

This position is the classic carrying position. It works for concealed or open carry. While some concealed carriers prefer the hip position because it’s more comfortable, it can be awkward to draw a large handgun from this position. However, this can be remedied by wearing a smaller handgun or tilting your holster cant to your right. Another common carry position is the small back position, which is easy to conceal and is most comfortable for most people. However, it’s not recommended by most experts because of safety risks.

If you’re wearing a concealed carry coat, you’ll want to ensure that you wear comfortable, loose clothes to prevent any uncomfortable chafing. In addition, you want to comfortably sit, bend, and walk with your concealed carry coat.

On the Back Position

When wearing concealed carry coats, you must be aware of how to carry your handgun in a safe position. It is easier to conceal your handgun when you carry it in the back position. However, this position is not recommended for carrying large handguns. Moreover, you might feel uncomfortable when drawing from this position.

Depending on your choice, you can carry your handgun at the hip or on the side of the body position. This position is suitable for those who want to conceal their handgun while avoiding printing. This position is recommended for smaller handguns. In such a case, an adjustable ride height holster can be helpful.

Another option is to wear a jacket with a button on the back. However, this position can expose your handgun because it must be unbuttoned. Despite the lack of visibility, this position is more effective and looks more natural.


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