Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to a Boarding Kennel

Bringing your dog to a boarding kennel can be a great way to keep your dog busy and healthy during the day. These benefits aren’t limited to entertainment. A good daycare will allow your dog to interact with other dogs and get used to the environment. It also allows you to pop in frequently and pick up your dog quickly. Ultimately, a good daycare experience will prepare your dog for boarding.

Boarding Kennel Can Help a Dog Stay Occupied

One way to keep your dog occupied while at the dog boarding kennel Penn Yan, NY is to pack their favorite toys or snacks. It cannot be easy to separate your pet from its surroundings, but bringing something familiar can help. Dogs are instinctively comfortable with smells and items that resemble home. It can help you get your favorite toy, blanket, or shirt with you. Discuss your pet’s needs and wants with the kennel before your pet stays.

Boarding facilities can offer more options than just basic kennels. Many of them offer overnight stays or one-night stays. They also provide daily walks, which can be beneficial for some dogs. Some facilities also offer fenced-in areas where your dog can get more exercise.

Some boarding facilities welcome dogs without charging exorbitant fees. They have trained staff who can spot any medical issues or prevent your dog from running away. These facilities can also help your dog stay calm in an unfamiliar environment.

While selecting a boarding kennel for your pet, you should also tour the facility before booking a stay. Some facilities have small rooms that provide plenty of space for your dog to turn around, which may be ideal for older dogs with arthritis. Some even provide toys and beds to keep your pet occupied at the kennel.

It Can Help a Dog Stay Healthy

While boarding your dog in a kennel can keep them happy and healthy, it is important to consider certain factors to ensure he or it is getting the best care possible. First and foremost, the kennel needs to be clean and fresh, and there should be ample play areas and fresh air. It is also important to note that a small kennel may not be equipped with enough bedding for your pet to be comfortable and cozy.

Lastly, providing the kennel with information about your dog’s medications is important. Many kennels do not accept pets on excessive or potentially dangerous medications. In addition, many dogs need ongoing heartworm preventive medication. It is a good idea to determine whether a kennel provides this type of medication and whether they charge extra for it.

The kennel staff should be able to answer your questions, and it is important to know whether or not they have a veterinarian on staff. Many veterinarians can also board dogs with special medical conditions and provide more medical supervision. Before leaving your dog, however, you should be sure that you feel comfortable with the staff at the kennel. Make sure you call up the kennel before leaving your pet and ask about their references.

It Can Help a Dog Stay Safe

While boarding kennels can provide a safe environment for dogs, they have risks. For example, dogs can become ill or get injured in unfamiliar surroundings. Moreover, dogs may develop conflicts with other dogs. Therefore, finding a place where your dog will be safe is important.

Before leaving your dog at the kennel, you must ask questions. You can also check if the facility has pet cameras to monitor your pet’s activity. These cameras help you feel more secure. Also, bringing your dog to a kennel should be a planned vacation, not a surprise trip.

Bringing your dog to a boarding center can be a stressful situation. Preparing your dog for the boarding experience is important so they won’t become depressed or nervous. Ensure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and other preventative measures before leaving. Also, be honest about any behavioral problems your dog has so they can be dealt with. For example, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it is important to prepare for it by leaving familiarization supplies and contact information. Also, ensure you leave instructions for any medication your dog might need while boarding.

Good boarding facilities provide regular supervision of their animals. The kennels have competent staff to identify signs of illness or distress in dogs. An experienced kennel can also notice if your pet is experiencing diarrhea or other gastrointestinal problems. If you suspect your dog is experiencing any of these problems, it is best to take them to a vet.


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