Big Walk Dog Rapper Bio

Big Walk Dog Rapper Bio: Who is He Dating Now?

While he is still in his mid-twenties, Big Walk Dog has gained quite a big following in the United States. His achievement so far has been nothing to be ignored and, in the future, we might see more of Big Walk Dog on the big stage.

His personal life however is still pretty much a mystery. Much is still needed to be known, and his fans are hungry for more information. Luckily, I have some important information that you need. Let’s learn more about Big Walk Dog’s height, weight, and girlfriend.

Big Walk Dog’s basic information

The famous American rapper is in his mid-twenties, some people think that he is about 24 years old. But there are people who think he is a bit older than that – in his early thirties to be more precise. He is known as Big Walk Dog, male, and was born in the United States of America.

He was born in Tutwiler, Mississippi. Unfortunately, I can’t get any information about his parents or anything else about the time when he was growing up. But, as soon as I can more information regarding this matter, I will update it as soon as possible.

And as for his real name, I got no luck so far. Big Walk Dog has been very secretive about his real name. So people only know him as Big Walk Dog and no one else. Perhaps, we will know his real name once he is making an official biography of himself and his personal life. There are other aliases though that you want to know: Circle K, 1382, and Number 9. So if you see these aliases, you’ll know that Big Walk Dog is the man behind them.

The same thing with his birthday, I can’t get any information about it. Overall, Big Walk Dog looks to be of average height and shape, with a strong-like physique. There are no exact measurements of his physique, as you may have already guessed. Furthermore, his Instagram account is solely for his musical endeavors and nothing else. So don’t expect to know about his personal life from Instagram.

Big Walk Dog rapper bio

The rising of Big Walk Dog has inspired many young artists all over the country. Some of his popular songs are Came From Da Bottom, Poppin, and Tyson. Out of all these songs, Poppin is definitely the most popular one, with over 22 million views on YouTube. In the video, he is collaborating with Gucci Mane, and it seems like people love the song very much.

Another impressive thing is that, while his YouTube channel is new, it has plenty of videos already uploaded. Some of the videos also got millions of views in the span of a few months. His newest video is called Trap Life, feat Bankroll Freddie. At the time of writing, the video got almost one million views, and it was uploaded 12 days ago.

Besides YouTube, Big Walk Dog’s songs are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. So check these platforms out if you want to listen to his songs. And of course, check out his Instagram if you want to know about the latest news of Big Walk Dog’s career.

At the moment, I can see that he is doing some kind of podcast show with Big Scarr, Old Mane Bro, Nick Nukem, and Your Boy Eddie. And apparently, this show is available on Apple Music. He also posted many videos of his live shows.

Big Walk Dog’s girlfriend

Big Walk Dog is very secretive about his personal life. Not much is known about his family or the time when he was growing up. Information regarding his girlfriend is no exception. Big Walk Dog hasn’t publicly disclosed any details about the woman he is dating. Also, there are no records of his past relationships anywhere else. As mentioned already, his Instagram account is only for his musical endeavors. So I can’t find anything related to his relationships from his Instagram account.

Keep yourself updated

If you want to know more about Big Walk Dog, go check out his Instagram account, or subscribe to his YouTube channel. Also, his songs are available on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music.


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