How To Keep Your Dog Happy

How To Keep Your Dog Happy In A Small Apartment

For people who love dogs, owning a dog is a privilege. Just being able to adopt a dog and taking care of them is fulfilling, and the experience itself is irreplaceable. But what if you’re living in a small apartment?

Dogs are inherently adaptable. They can adapt to their environment and that makes them one of the best companions in the world. No matter the size, dogs can be happy in every kind of human environment, as long as you give them your love.

But of course, there are things that you must do to help them adapt. You can’t just leave everything entirely to them. If you can make it easier for them, then why not?

Choose the right apartment

Sadly, not every apartment is fit for a dog. Some landlords or buildings have pet restrictions that can make your dog’s life more difficult than it should. Some limitations like breed, how many pets you can have, and the size of a pet can be difficult for both you and your dog.

Finding pet-friendly apartments should be your first priority. At least find one that lets your dog be free, playing and exploring in the apartment. Furthermore, these apartments often have a dog run on the property or near pet grooming shops or vets.

Hire a dog walker

Keeping your dog inside all the time can be harmful to them, both mentally and physically. It’s important to take walks with them regularly, preferably every day. If you think you can’t do that due to your job, then you should hire a dog walker.

Hire one to come and visit your dog while you’re away at work. Let your dog take a walk and get some fresh air, and some exercise too. This kind of activity can make your dog so much happier while they’re waiting for you to come home.

Pet toys

If your dog is chewing your shoes or sofa, that means they’re bored. Toys are important for your dog. Many dogs have their own way of choosing a toy, it can be anything, even something that is not a toy at all. Many dog toys can keep your dog entertained every day.

Get a toy that they can chew on or a toy that makes a sound. Sometimes a stuffed animal works great, as dogs love to have a friend to sleep with. You can also coat their chewing toy with peanut butter to make it more fun.

There are also toys that can entertain your dog all day without you doing anything. For example, a puzzle machine that rewards your dog with a treat, or a ball-throwing machine that can work autonomously.

Extra attention

No matter where you live and go, your dog always has their owner, and they’re happy with that. This is why if you give your dog extra attention, they are happy no matter what. This is even more important if you have a dog that is needy. By giving them your attention, extra cuddles, special treats, and more time together, your dog will be happy every day.

Pet furniture and special space for your dog

Some pet furniture can make your dog extra happy at home. A bed and a blanket in a small corner for her to sleep together with their toys are more than enough to keep your dog happy. You don’t need to buy anything expensive, just make sure the bed is clean and big enough for your dog.

This brings us to the special space or room for your dog. Dogs need their own space as well. So pick a spot in your apartment where you can fit a dog bed, and you’re done. I suggest you pick a spot where people aren’t walking back and forth, and not too noisy. A spot where you can clean easily is also a good idea.


Dogs are man’s best friends for a reason. They’re loyal and know how to make you happy. Living in a small apartment is not a problem as long as you know how to take care of your furry friend. Be efficient with your time and apace, and everyone in the house is happy.


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