How To Create An Exclusive room For Your Dog

6 Effective Ways To Create An Exclusive Room For Your Dog

Many pet owners are thinking about how to create an exclusive space for their dogs. A room in the house where the dog can be free without knocking things over. And believe me when I say that some dogs love to have their own space in the house. It might sound surprising considering how much dogs love to get attention.

An exclusive room for your dog where they can sleep, play, and hide without worries. Sometimes you can see their real personality when no one is looking. And this might be the case for any kind of dog breed, from a Great Dane to a Chiweenie.

Consider the measurements

This tip is useful for people who are planning to adopt a dog. Take measurements of your soon-to-be dog and see if there’s a big enough room in the house for the dog to be alone. It is also important to fit dog food, toys, and other items to fit in the room.

Pander to your dog’s quirks

Dogs are born with different personalities and quirks. Some dogs are very active while others are not so much. Your dog may like certain things but hate other things. This is common and should be taken into measure before deciding on a room.

Make sure the room is big enough to fit all the items that your dog loves – from toys to other random items. Especially the bed, we can’t have a dog’s room without the bed.

A crate is good too

If you’re running short of space or living in a small apartment, don’t despair. You can use a crate as a special room for your dog. The most important thing is training your dog to think that the care is their safe space.

Never ever use the crate as a way to punish your dog. Otherwise, your dog will hate the crate and refuse to sleep in there. Create an environment where the crate is the space where your dog can feel safe and relaxed. Put your dog’s bed and toys in there too. You can also add more blankets or T-shirts to make your dog even more comfortable.

Wall shelves

I personally love this tip and it’s great for people who live in a small house or apartment. Every part of your room can be turned into the dog’s room, including the wall shelves. Obviously, wall shelves are not too big, and a big dog won’t fit in there.

But, if you have a small dog and you can fit your dog’s bed and toys, wall shelves are going to be valuable for you. Considering wall shelves don’t take up floor space, this could be the best idea for you.

Start training your dog

Sometimes an exclusive space for a dog isn’t only useful for the dog, but also for the pet owner. Some pet owners don’t their dogs to sleep in their rooms or in other weird places. If you’re experiencing this, it’s best to start training your dog early.

Play with your dog in their room only. Teach them to sleep and play there, at least most of the time. Give them treats before and after bedtime to teach them to sleep in their room. It might be a good idea to spend the night in the dog’s room if it’s big enough.

Outdoors is great too

Some dogs love to be outside and be able to play freely. If your dog is like this then perhaps you should make a doghouse, and don’t forget to install dog doors as well. For some people, having a dog that loves to be outside is a great thing.

Make sure the doghouse is warm and has a bed inside. You can put your dog’s toys inside as well if there’s any. The dog doors are installed to give easy access for your dog to get in and out without needing your help.


Creating a room for your dog to chill and relax can make them happier than ever. It’s also nice to have your dog’s bed, toys, food, and other stuff in the same room. If you can make the room as comfortable as possible, your dog will be glad to sleep in there.


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