Best Dog Breeds For People Who Work From Home

7 Best Dog Breeds For People Who Work From Home

A lot of people are working from home nowadays. I think it’s one positive thing that comes form this pandemic. People and companies realize that working from home is not only an alternative to working from the office, but also a great solution for so many problems.

But, here’s the thing, working from home means that you’re going to interact with whoever is in your house, especially pets. If you’re working from home and trying to get a dog, you should choose the dog breed carefully.

You don’t want a dog that is too clingy or loud, otherwise you won’t be able to work in peace. So here are some dog breeds for people who work from home.


Whippets are some of the best dog breeds in the world for people who work from home. Why? Because whippets love to just chill and relax. They love to sit on the couch in a room and do nothing. At the very least, they will just observe what you’re doing while laying down. Whippets are also adaptable and gentle and would love to spend time with you on your terms.


Working from home with a small dog like a chihuahua won’t disrupt your focus. Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world, and they are very loving creatures. Chihuahuas are also famous for being smart and lively, but not too lively. And considering how small they are, you can work with a chihuahua on your laps.


Saluki is one of the best breeds for people who love working in a quiet environment. They may be big, but they’re calm and quiet. A saluki won’t bark at you needlessly, they also won’t disturb you all the time. Also, salukis are known for being independence, so you can work without having to check up on them every five minutes.

Siberian husky

Now here’s something different for you. I know I have talked a lot about working in a peaceful and quiet environment, but the thing is, people who work from home, need to be active more. So when you’re done working, you might be too lazy to do anything else.

And this is why a Siberian husky could be the best dog breed for you. Siberian huskies are very active and love to go outside and run everywhere. They will make you more motivated to be active, and you can go on many adventures with them too.


Malteses are so cute and adorable. They’re like dolls that love to spend time with you. Working with a maltese on your laps could boost your productivity by tenfold! No seriously, a maltese is the perfect dog breed if you’re looking for a small and cute dog that won’t disturb you while you’re working from home. You can cuddle a maltese while working at the same time, no problem.


Do you want a dog who loves to lay down and do nothing? Well, a bulldog is the answer. Bulldogs are famous for being lazy, sure they love to walk outside sometimes, but most of the times not so much.

Different from most other breeds that would get sad if they can’t go on walks, bulldogs are fine with just being at home. They’re also great for cuddling if you need a mood booster while working.


Poodles are very easy to train. You can train them to not disturb you while you’re working in a short amount of time. They’re also quite independent and won’t require your attention all the time. Poodles are pretty small too, so you can definitely cuddle them while working.

Training a poodle should be done as early as possible. The younger the puppy is, the quicker they will learn. You can try them to be in a certain place during your working hours or to do their business without making a mess.


There you have it, some of the best dog breeds in the world for people who work from home. These dog breeds should give you no problems at all at home. Just remember to train them well, give them enough attention and also lots of love and care.


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